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Vintage Glider Club International Rally 2019 at Tibenham

27th July – 3rd August 2019

A big thank you to all participants at this year’s rally. For those who’d like to re-live it a video is available on Youtube.

We’ve compiled the flights and the logs can be downloaded below.

These logs have been compiled from the launch vouchers and landing certificates.  In some cases no landing certificate can be matched to the launch voucher so no duration has been calculated.

Winch Logs

Aerotow logs

Welcome to Tibenham and to the 2019 Vintage Glider Club International Rally. Tibenham lies in the county of Norfolk and is the home of Norfolk Gliding Club. The airfield is one of the largest airfields in private hands in Britain and is dedicated to gliding and General Aviation. It was built as an American air base in 1943 and all three of the original runways are still usable, as are many of the grass boundaries and central triangle. We are always pleased to welcome visitors and this year are proud to host the 2019 Vintage Glider Club International Rally. This is the third time Norfolk Gliding Club has hosted the VGC International Rally. We hope you will enjoy it as much as the previous two.

Andrew Jarvis, President of the VGC, writes:

I’ll never forget my first VGC International Rally- the year was 2000, and the venue was Tibenham. I could take just a few days from work, but was intoxicated by the atmosphere-gliders one had only read about, and people who had travelled huge distances to attend. Ten years vanished somewhere, and in 2010, we were back at Tibenham for a second time. Once more a wonderful rally, the sky again full of beautiful gliders; and our truly moving spirit of international friendship.

I had rather hoped the next such event would be in 2020, and then 2030. But somehow , it’s 2019. I was a mere crowd-extra in 2000, but recently find myself as the 4th President of the VGC (‘the world’s largest gliding club’!). What a pleasure to invite you all to our 47th VGC International Rally.

Whether this is the first such event you have attended, or whether you have lost count, you won’t be disappointed. The Norfolk Gliding Club and the Vintage Glider Club will mysteriously merge into one for an intense week. Visitors will immediately be surrounded by gull wings, translucent wings, open cockpits, struts, V-tails, strange trailers, and even stranger people! Modellers are not forgotten either- all are welcome!

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