Press Release

Norfolk Gliding Club is hosting the 2010 Vintage Glider Club International Rally from 31st July to 8th August at Tibenham Airfield. This is only the third time the event has been held in the UK, the last time was in 2000 at Tibenham which was a very successful gathering with pilots visiting from as far afield as Japan and USA. This time we are expecting around 300 visiting pilots and crew from all over Europe, the UK, New Zealand and Scandinavia, bringing over 100 vintage gliders.

We are expecting Richard Bacon MP to attend the opening ceremony at 10am Saturday, where Dutchman Jan Forster, Chairman of the VGC and Chris Wills, President of the VGC will open the festivities. Press are invited prior to this for photo opportunities of the many rigged gliders.

During the rally we are expecting a fly-in by the De-Havilland Moth Club in their vintage aircraft, and Ken Wallis is planning to fly in in his autogyro (famously used in the James Bond film). Vintage model flying will take place each evening.

To entertain our visitors, we have a number of unusual events taking place including an 'international night' where all participants arrange a feast representative of their country, a 'Norfolk Nite' featuring 'dwile flonking' and 'welly wanging' as well as morris dancing by the Kenninghall Morris. The closing ceremony on the last Saturday will be followed by music and dancing with the South Norfolk Youth Swing Band.

We would appreciate any media coverage of the event, and invite you to come along to meet with the pilots and visiting families, and see the amazing array of vintage gliders - some dating back to the 1920's. Our visitors are great enthusiasts, for keeping these gliders flying for the pleasure and enjoyment of flying such historic aircraft.

Tibenham Airfield is an ex USAAF Liberator Bomber base, and is now wholly owned and run by the Norfolk Gliding Club. The club is a not for profit organisation and is run by volunteers. The club is a 7 day a week operation operation, with a fleet of modern training and solo gliders, we have around 150 gliding members some of whom own their own modern high performance gliders, and around 50 powered aircraft members. Norfolk Gliding Club is a member of the British Gliding Association and we have around 15 qualified instructors. More information about the events can be found here and photographs of pilots and gliders here