Minimoa Competition

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A Minimoa Competition at Tibenham

Andrew Jarvis, president of the VGC, writes: “Many British members will remember the Keil Kraft kit to build a 50-inch Minimoa, with its intricate wing ribs, fuselage formers and stringers. . The 1953 catalogue described its performance as ‘outstanding’. ‘Tricky’ might have been more accurate, but I do believe this was a very significant kit. For us youngsters, it provided the first revelation that gull-winged ’vintage’ gliders even existed! Happily, there is now a superb replica kit, with very nice laser cut parts, marketed by the Vintage Model Company.

I’ve had a minor brainstorm , and thought it would be good fun to have a Minimoa competition one evening, at the Tibenham International Rally, with just this particular model. Norman Clowes, who is the Tibenham Rally Leader, is enthusiastic about the idea, as are the Vintage Model Company. More details of this event will appear later, on the Tibenham website.

Christmas has now probably passed, but there are still enough long winter evenings to build your own individual Minimoa! The rules are still ‘evolving’ , but a prize will be awarded on the basis of building excellence, and flying realism. You’ll find the model builds easily and cleanly with superglue. I managed, without undue marital strife, to build mine on the dining table. If you want to fit radio control, Chris Williams recommends the Hobbyking website, where you’ll find micro-servos from under £3. (How times have changed!) Let’s hope for a dozen Minimoas at Tibenham…

The Vintage Model Company are very generously offering VGC members a special price of £30 for the kit ( a 25% discount ); postage is extra. They have a comprehensive website, and you can email them on, or phone on 01629 258240 .The man in charge is Hadi Kanan. Give your your VGC membership number, and mention my name (Andrew Jarvis)!”

If you wish to find out more about the Minimoa competition, feel free to email Andrew Jarvis at