Trial Lesson Booking


Experience a flight of approximately 20 minutes with one of our friendly BGA accredited instructors

You’ll get a full classroom, safety and aircraft specific briefing before taking to the skys!

If you’re really lucky you might even get to soar with the local buzzards!

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This is a chance to experience the joy of powerless flight!

One of our friendly BGA qualified instructors will provide a classroom brief prior to taking you out onto the airfield for a flight in one of our 3 two seat training gliders. The flight will last approximately 20 minutes during which time you’ll get the chance to take control and to enjoy some of the stunning views of south Norfolk. If you’re really lucky you might even get to soar with our local buzzards!

We fly ALL year round! Provided it’s not raining or too windy (over 20 mph) or too hot & hazy we’ll be there!

Note: Generally we launch trial lessons behind a light aircraft but on occasions we may revert to using the winch. When using the winch we may offer 2 flights of shorter duration.