Experience Flight 20


What better way to see the local area than from the air?

A 20 minute flight experience from historic Tibenham will give you a chance to see the local area from a unique perspective and hopefully take in an area of interest to you

Bring a camera along and make it your flight!

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It’s your 20 minute flight!

We operate a Grob 109 motor-glider that’s as equally at home cruising at 90kts (100mph) with the engine on as it is at 50kts gliding with it off.   With its large bubble canopy you’re guaranteed great unobstructed views of the local scenery.   Having an engine not only adds to the range of the experience we can offer but also ensures we keep your toes warm in the winter months when some of the clearest visibility is around.
An hour from engine on to off will comfortably get you to most places within 10 miles of Tibenham as the crow flies and you can incorporate a ‘glide with the engine off’ as you return to the site if you fancy experiencing a more free form of aviation!

Your adventure starts with a formal classroom briefing by your qualified introductory flight pilot before an aircraft-side safety brief and boarding.   Feel free to bring friends along who can get some snaps of your adventure and sample the delights of the club’s cafe!

On a practice note….

Whilst we do our very best to accommodate everyone there are some physical restrictions we simply cannot break.
As Scotty would say … “Ye canna change the laws of physics!’ – so please check out out ‘who can fly‘ page prior to attending!

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