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Learn to Fly a Glider!

Experience a trial lesson flight of approximately 15 minutes with one of our friendly BGA accredited instructors who’ll safely introduce you to the joy of flight!

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Out of stock


Your opportunity to experience the joy of powerless flight!

One of our friendly BGA qualified instructors will provide a classroom brief prior to taking you out onto the airfield for a flight in one of our modern two seat training gliders.

The flight will take you to around 2000 feet and last approximately 15 minutes during which time you’ll get the chance to take control and to enjoy some of the stunning views of south Norfolk. If you’re really lucky you might even get to soar with our local buzzards! If you’d rather sit back and ‘enjoy the ride’ just let us know and we’ll happily accommodate.

Who Can Fly?

Provided you’re reasonable fit and healthy you can normally fly. No upper age limit however we suggest no younger than 12.  Please read our ‘Who can Fly‘ page to make sure you meet the necessary size/weight/health requirements!

Gift Vouchers

We’re having some issues with our online booking system at the moment, but please do Contact Us if you’re interested in buying a flight for yourself, or a voucher for someone else and we’ll get it all sorted!

Also, please Contact Us if you have a Norfolk Gliding Club or BGA gift voucher and we’ll sort the booking for you (don’t forget to tell us your voucher details!)


People are often surprised that we fly all year round and in winds up to 30 mph! (although we only undertake trial lessons at a max 20mph wind!) – the thing that really hampers us is low cloud, fog and rain!


We can reschedule flights, but we need at least a week’s notice to do so. Please Contact Us if you need to reschedule your flight. If we have to postpone for any reason we’ll work with you to rescheduled to a future date.

Note: Generally we launch Discover Gliding flights behind a light aircraft but very occasionally we may have to use a winch. When using the winch we may provide 2 shorter flights.

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