Busy Tuesday

Well Tuesday on a non-official flying day at NGC. Could anything be happening?

Of course the answer is: “loads”.

First off is Barclay, who has been continuing his selfless contributions to making a better clubhouse.
He was in the newly re-furbished briefing room, touching up the paintwork. Work will soon start on the offices, and insulation will be put into the roof space. Now that the new walls have gone up, and the new double-glazed windows, the room should be comfortable all year round. We’ll know for sure in the winter (say Jan or Feb), but all the signs are promising.

The scouts are still on-site, and had managed to arrange a helicopter pilot to give them all rides in (I think) a Robinson R44. They seemed to be having a great time. Picture to follow, but the pilot seems to have flown down from somewhere up north to give her time, and fuel to the scouts at no cost to them. Wow.

A few private pilots turned up and one to use the club Astir, and Jim Lawn kindly came out to launch us all by tug.. with the help of scout leaders, who acted as wing runners (thank you runners).

RASP had made the day look like at least a 400K was on, so the following had a crack: Chris, David, Josh, Paul, Sophie, Tony, Wade.
The day started really well, but quickly over-developed with a fair amount of top cover. The only area which was working OK was a region between Wymondham and Great Ashfield on the north-south axis, and out as far west as 10K past Snetterton.
A couple of people got down to Rattlesden and back, and Chris and Sophie even got round the club 100K. Pretty much everyone got 3-4 hours soaring though, so although it was not the “day of days” it pretty much beats most of 2012’s summer.

Jim Lawn did a sterling job getting everyone launched, helping the Scouts helicopter re-fuelling, and even picking people up in his car from parts of the airfield when they landed. Thanks Jim.

What a great day. What a great club.
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