Who Can Fly?

Almost anyone can fly but there’s some restrictions on age, size and health that are worth a mention


Under 18’s require parental consent
Even though you must be 14 years old to fly solo there is no reason why you cannot start training with an instructor before this age. However, it is not recommended that someone start before the age of 13 as they may become fustrated by not being able to progress to the solo stage until they reach the age of 14
Provided you’re fit & healthy there’s no upper age restriction


You’ll generally need to be between 5′ and 6’2″ as a Gliders cockpit is designed for ‘Mr Average’ & as such the taller and shorter pilot can struggle to ‘fit’ – talk to us if you’re ‘marginal’!

Gliders have minimum and maximum payloads and you’ll need to be within the 7 stone 3lb (46K) to 16 stone (101K) range


If you’re fit enough to drive a car you can fly a glider – you may need to take a medical with your GP if you’ve complications health wise

A general level of mobility and fitness is required to fully participate and help with the pushing and pulling needed to get someone airborne!
You can walk a few miles in a day at the airfield!

Norfolk Gliding Club owns a K21 glider which has been modified to allow control by hand-control alone. See our Glideability page for more information.

We Are Here To Help

If you would like to try gliding and have any concerns whatsoever please don’t hesitate to contact us