Junior Gliding

Norfolk Gliding Club are proud to be one the designated Junior Gliding Centres in The UK.

Subject to completing the required training, you can fly a glider solo at age 14. And there is no upper age limit. We recognise that all young people can benefit from support in gliding and so we have a fairly relaxed definition of ‘Junior’ – Junior gliding benefits and support apply to anyone up to 25 years old.

Junior Scheme

2018 introduces Norfolk Gliding Club’s Junior Flying Scheme

£55 / month entitles a Junior Member to 60 flights and 30 minutes flying time a day spread over the year April to March.

Flights are limited to 2 winch launched flights a day and 30 minutes, with 10 flights in a calendar month. Additional flights or flying minutes will be charged at club rates.

A junior member may participate in this scheme just once and it is limited to 3 years participation and a maximum age of 21.

Please talk to a committee member for more information. Full terms and conditions are available on the application form.