2022 Gliding Courses at Norfolk Gliding Club

If you are considering gliding then a course is by far the best way to start your journey. We offer a variety of tailor-made, intensive courses to show you what you can achieve within gliding. You can choose from one or two day courses designed around your needs or, for a longer five day course you can include up to two days of club involvement. Not only will you take your first steps to flying on your own but you will experience what it is like being a Member of our Club.

An intensive gliding course at Norfolk Gliding Club – the fastest way to progress your aviation adventure!

Your fully qualified British Gliding Association instructor will tailor each day’s flying to your specific individual experience and aims. Whether you are a complete novice, an experienced power pilot trying gliding for the first time or already part of the way through learning to fly gliders, you will progress through the BGA syllabus towards your first solo flight. The focus will be on fun, safe, hands-on flying, backed up with clear explanations through briefings and debriefings, providing a sound knowledge base.

Get Involved!

Expect to be very involved in all the airfield activities to make the course work efficiently, with as much flying as time and weather permits, all included within the one fixed fee.

We offer winch and aerotow courses. Both courses are very similar in terms of content; the main difference is simply the method of launch and amount of time airborne.

We offer a choice of one, two and five day courses to cater for a variety of interests. Want to try gliding, but not sure where to begin? Try a one day aerotow course; three flights to give you a taste of what gliding is really like. You can always book a longer course later if that works for you.

Give it a Go!

Was a single trial flight just not quite enough? Go for a whole day.

Who might benefit from two days? Perhaps you have had a trial flight and would like to get a head start on your journey towards flying on your own. Two days would immerse you in flying and  then be well on the way to  understanding the jargon of our sport . By the end of the second day you will know the answer to the question “is gliding for me?”

All our short courses are designed to meet the expectations of the course members. We will offer winch or aerotow as requested and have a maximum of three participants and often two instructors.


All our courses begin on days when there is no scheduled Club flying and this peaceful environment puts you at the focus of the instructors’ efforts. Many course members elect to continue their training by joining in with Club flying on the days after their course in order to get the full Gliding Club experience.

If you choose a five day course your instructor will remain with you on Club days and you can continue the intense experience while observing the Club at close hand.

Our typical course day consists of the following:

  • Day 1

    • 09:00 Introductions / Admin

    • 09:30 – Airfield safety brief

    • 10:00 Gliders Out and Handling Briefing

    • 11:00 Launching/Log keeping Briefing.

    • 12:00 First launch

    • We aim to finish each day with a short debrief and reflection. The timing of this is flexible.

  • Day 2 onwards

    • 09:00 Daily Briefing

    • 10:00 First flight / Briefings

    • As above; we finish when we finish!


We have 2 modern two seat training gliders, one of which has a hand-rudder kit installed for use by those with a paraplegic disorder. The glider used on any day will be selected to give you the best chance of developing your skills.


Please check out WhoCanFly to ensure you’re within the physical limits our fleet of two seat gliders can accommodate!


Whilst the club doesn’t offer any on-site accommodation our camping/caravan site along with our recently refurbished shower and wash rooms are free to use for course members.

Please explore the links bellow to see the extensive local hotel and bed and breakfast offerings in our local vicinity.

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