5 Day Intensive Gliding Courses

Learn to fly with a 5 day intensive gliding course at Norfolk Gliding Club – the fastest way to progress your aviation adventure!

Your professional, fully qualified British Gliding Association instructor will tailor each days flying to your specific individual experience and aims. So whether you are a complete novice, an experienced pilot trying gliding for the first time or already part way through learning to fly gliders, you will progress safely through the BGA syllabus of ground school and airborne instruction towards your first solo flight. All the training can be credited towards your Sailplane Pilots Licence. If you’ve already been solo, your instructor will take you through further training towards your Sailplane Pilots Licence and help develop your soaring and cross country skills.

During the week, you can expect to fly in both sailplanes (gliders) and self-launch sailplanes. This provides the flexibility to develop particular flying skills by using the most appropriate aircraft. The focus will always be on safe, hands-on flying, backed up with clear explanations of the how and why through briefings and debriefings, providing a sound knowledge base.

Expect to be very involved in all the airfield activities to make the course work efficiently, with as much flying as time and weather permits, all included within the one fee.

We offer winch and aerotow courses. Both courses are very similar in terms of content, the main difference is the method of launch and amount of time airborne.

Winch Package (£650)

With course numbers limited to 3 students, we aim to provide at least 20 sorties during the week and if the weather permits, a number of extended soaring flights.

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Aerotow Package (£900)

Courses will also be limited to 3 students. We aim to provide 7 aerotow flights in our K21 to 3000ft, each flight averaging 20 mins with additional  motor glider flights to cover some of the syllabus. Aerotow launches are generally easier to master, accelerating your progress towards your goal.

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Our typical course week consists of the following:

  • Monday
    • 09:00 Introductions / Admin
    • 09:30 – Airfield safety brief
    • 10:00 Gliders Out and Handling Briefing
    • 11:00 Launching/Log keeping Briefing.
    • 12:00 First launch
    • 16:00 – Last flight / Pack Up
  • Tuesday – Friday
    • 08:30 Daily Briefing
    • 10:00 First flight / Briefings
    • 16:00 Last flight / Pack Up


Please check out WhoCanFly to ensure you’re within the physical limits our fleet of two seat gliders can accommodate!


Each course is staffed by a dedicated team of two who’ll provide everything from ground school, launching and flight instruction. Our Instructors are all BGA rated with many years instructional experience. Expect to learn from some of the best and progress at your own pace.


We’re lucky to have 3 modern two seat training gliders, one of which is disabled pilot friendly with a hand-rudder kit installed!

Throughout the week the course team have pick of the fleet to deliver the training ensuring any serviceability issues don’t impact on your flying time.

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Whilst the club doesn’t offer any on-site accommodation our camping/caravan site along with our recently refurbished shower and wash rooms are free to use for course members.

Please explore the links bellow to see the extensive local hotel and bed and breakfast offerings in our local vicinity.

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