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Beginning Gliding

Gliding can be an enormously pleasurable pastime, and everyone needs to start somewhere. Whether you just want to experience the relaxing sensation of unpowered flight while letting someone else take care of the glider, or whether you’d like to train to become a skilled pilot, Norfolk Gliding Club can help.

Two ways to ‘give it a go!’

Experience Flight

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Buy a Voucher

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While many view gliding as prohibitively expensive and elitist, this is not the case. All of the instructors and members who help to run the club are volunteers, which means that costs are lowered and the hobby can be enjoyed by all. This setup also means that everyone pulls together and provides a friendly environment.

For anyone interested in gliding and with no previous experience, we recommend an ‘Experience Flight’. This will allow you to get a feel for gliding, and also provides 100 days membership so you can continue flying at club rates if you decide you’d like to continue.