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Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur

Our very own Griff has a letter from the French Government stating that he's been awarded the status of Chevalier (Knight). If you click on the link below you'll see an image of the medal plus a comprehensive explanation of what the medal is all about,  Apparently if he were to write to the crown he could [...]

Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur2017-07-11T09:10:52+01:00

Graham’s turn to make his first solo flight.

Saturday 24th January. Congratulations to Graham Patrick on his first solo flight. It has been a pretty decent winter for ab initio training; I am sure Graham will not be the last first solo we see before the spring is over.Pictured below, just after his first solo landing, a very happy Graham. Source: NGC Blog

Graham’s turn to make his first solo flight.2017-07-11T09:10:52+01:00

Portmoak Expedition

What a waste! We arrived safely and our hosts were great BUT! The weather forecast for the next fortnight, and even longer is very poor. Easterly winds if any at all, the worst direction, poor visibility and rain.We all came home again, hoping for a weather window later in the month or next when some [...]

Portmoak Expedition2015-11-19T01:34:25+00:00

Another First Solo

The day was bright, some pundits were planning 300km and more, but as they struggled to make their way towards distant turnpoints (or more accurately back to TIB) one of our number was being prepared for his first solo. Pictured is Witold being congratulated by CFI Mark. Well done Witold! Source: NGC Blog

Another First Solo2017-07-11T09:10:52+01:00

Improvers’ Week; day 1

What a cracking day! The course got off to a great start with booming skies giving everyone a chance at a flight of around an hour, brushing up skills and making progress. Thermals in the 4 to 5 knot range and cloudbase up to 4400', who could ask for more?. As well as Will and [...]

Improvers’ Week; day 12017-07-11T09:10:53+01:00