An Interesting Day!

///An Interesting Day!

InterClub League. With Saturday scrubbed at briefing NGC sent a full team down to Wormingford for Sunday. Mark as Pundit, JRK as Inter and James L as Novice.

A very windy and “interesting” day saw all three land out, with only Beth available to crew, and she without a car. Mark retrieved himself by getting a cab back to WRM. James was retrieved by Beth and a volunteer from ESGC (many thanks, whoever you are). JRK retrieved by James and Beth as the sun began to set. Not their fault, but certainly not helped by the battery in my ‘phone going dead just as I told James the name of the village I was in!
All safely returned to TIB or home, just before midnight.
The “interesting” for me was the wind. 20 plus knots at times, broken thermals, which were sometimes quite strong. Making headway was hard, especially watching hard earned progress disappear underneath as I thermalled away (from much too low down at times). A rain shower over NMT seemed to kill off the thermals just before I turned it and I could not climb backup for the last leg. First stubble landing of the year for me with a very affable farmer.
Interesting psychological tactic by the ESGC task setter, sending us to TIB first in both Pundit and Inter classes. Very tempting to quit here, especially as 20 had landed out from there at Knettishall.
Thanks to members of ESGC and NGC who relayed messages from me to James via passers-by.
Results: James was a runaway victor in the Novice, Mark second in the Pundit and JRK third in the Inter. Just one point separated ESGC and NGC for the day, with ESGC nudging it. RAT in a fortnight with only two points between us and ESGC for outright victory; could be exciting!

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