Tibenham Airfield Ground Notes

All information found on this page can be downloaded as a printable PDF. 

As many visitors may not be familiar with gliding operations, the following points are provided to help you when taxiing around the airfield.

When winching operations are taking place the winch will be located at the upwind end of the active runway. When winching is in progress or about to commence a rotating beacon will be flashing on the top of the winch. The winch cables are laid out on the grass edge of the active runway.

If landing on an alternate runway or taxiing in, the cables may be across your path.

If the winch light is on – stop. A live cable is very hazardous.

Avoid taxiing across the cables if at all possible; they are made of fabric and can be picked up by propeller suction.  If you do have to trample the cables, do so slowly and with extreme caution, under momentum and not using power. Pilots must make sure they have not snagged the cable before taxiing further.

Please sign in/out in the clubhouse after parking. Fuel is available. The refuelling point and parking area are shown on the accompanying diagram. The key for the fuel store can be obtained from the Clubhouse. Refreshments are normally available in the Clubhouse.

If the cables are trampled when taxiing out, it is imperative that pilots are certain they have not picked up a wire before departure. You will crash if you take-off with a wire attached to the undercarriage. Visually inspect the wires after trampling across them before departing. It may be necessary to make a short backtrack to facilitate this.