Tibenham Airfield Briefing Notes

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The airfield plate can be found here.

Flying orders for powered aircraft can be found here.

Please note that as of 8th March 2012 the size Norwich Airport’s airspace was dramatically increased. The airspace chart can be found on all new maps, or on the chart here.

Operated by the Norfolk Gliding Club. Telephone: 01379 677207
PPR by phone mandatory. Briefing essential due to glider ops.
CAUTION: Intense gliding activity in the vicinity of the airfield. Glider winch and aero-tow launches. Launch cables up to 3,200ft QNH. All joins are to be made Downwind to the RWY in use to avoid conflict with gliders & cables, unless 2-way radio contact has been established with the Launch Point and de-confliction has been arranged.


Do not fly to the Dead-Side
Do not join on Long Final
NOTES: Tibenham is unlicenced and has no ATZ. The radio frequency (129.980) is a common glider frequency shared with other gliding airfield operators, so it is essential to include “TIBENHAM” in ALL transmissions. We suggest following the railway, which runs NNE/SSW between Diss and Norwich, as this will take you about 1mile East of the field. Please make a call when inside 5nm from the airfield once you have the field in sight.
The frequency is not always manned so if there is no reply pilots should make BLIND CALLS and continue at own discretion following the PPR telephone brief. No control instructions will be passed unless to avoid an immediate flight safety hazard. If the frequency is manned, basic airfield information may be passed. Pressure setting info is NOT available, but a local QNH can be obtained from Norwich ATIS on 128.630. Tibenham is 186ft Above Mean Sea Level.
Trees and possible turbulence at threshold of runway 33.
  • Habitation close to 03 threshold.
  • Old Buckenham ATZ (124.405) – 302 degrees, 4.5nm
  • Tacolneston TV Mast 547ft AGL (757ft AMSL) – 354 degrees, 4 nm.
  • Priory Farm (129.830) LAA strip is a grass airfield located 1 mile to the West of the Tibenham Airfield. To avoid conflict Priory Farm traffic performs circuits to the West whilst Tibenham traffic circuits will be to the East or NE, thus creating a’dead zone’ between the two airfields.