A Paranormal Investigation @ Tibenham Airfield

A Night Time Paranormal Investigation
By Penny Griffiths Morgan
Saturday 16th July – 8:30 pm to 3:00 am
£30 inc light refreshments

You’re Invited..

This is your chance to join us on a rare investigation of Tibenham airfield which includes a hangar on the site of the pyrotechnic store alongside the site of the armoury, the club house which has had many things reported, the runways and various other areas. This will include time spent outside so please do dress appropriately.

Take Part

You will get the opportunity to take part in led experiments, learn about the history of the airfield and undertake various vigils.  This event is suitable for those in wheelchairs and with mobility issues as nearly all the areas are accessible.

The History

RAF Tibenham began construction as a bomber airfield in 1941/1942 and was eventually home to the 445th bombardment group whose four squadrons arrived in 1943.  They flew Consolidated B-24 Liberators and suffered significant losses on the ill-fated Kassel Mission of September 27th 1944.

About Penny

Penny first visit to Tibenham was at the age of four with her father following the family’s move to Norfolk.  However since developing an interest in the paranormal, the airfield has taken on a new meaning.

This interest in things unusual began at a young age after the experience of seeing a light anomaly in an old barn in the village she grew up in.  Her love of history has led her to visit many museums, old buildings and ruins and over the last few years she was given the chance to embrace both her loves by presenting the Haunted Histories podcast.

Her interest in the paranormal has led to her being featured in a national newspaper, interviewed on both radio and podcasts and has recently been seen as the local historian in the TV programme “Help my house is haunted”.  She is also a regular feature writer for Haunted magazine.  To date she has written and published four books on paranormal history through Amazon, the second of which contains a chapter on Tibenham.

Away from all of this she is a wife and mum of two young boys.