Task Week .Tuesday was good

///Task Week .Tuesday was good

Mike Watson completed the club 100K in possibly record time.

Five long flights. Three flights just over 300K (MW, RG, DT).

One 374k flight from the CFI (leading from the front).

And Clive Wilby and Alan Hall circumnavigated the London TMAs (535K).

Mike Hoy also did a first XC of 130K (TIB-WYM-DEP-WLW), giving him a silver 50K leg (to complete his silver),  a second 5 hour flight (he never submitted the claim on the first), and a 100K diploma leg. Congratulations.

There may be more that I have missed.

On top of the XC flights, some good local soaring, and enjoyment of the conditions

The ‘Grid’, after RG launched

The ab-initio course had another good day, with the students making good progress with the high-intensity instruction.

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