Inter-club Weekend at Rattlesden

///Inter-club Weekend at Rattlesden

Several competitors from NGC ventured down to Rattlesden for the third of the three inter-club league weekends this season. We started the weekend just 4 points behind Essex and Suffolk and hoped to clinch enough to overtake. The team for the weekend was Beth Redpath in the club’s Astir N12 (Novice), James Francis in Std Cirrus CJ (Intermediate) and Peter Ryland in the DG400 OM (Pundit). Thanks to James L and Peter N who helped to crew.

The day started with a thick layer of top cover which just about everyone thought was going to put paid to much soaring. Short tasks were set and the grid squat started, but then the skies seem to brighten just enough for it to get soarable. It was hard to get started with several pilots not risking to cross the huge grey gap to get away from site, those who did venture out were rewarded with some surprisingly strong lift in places considering the amount of top-cover still present. Unfortunately a huge dead patch around Diss brought an early field landing to some (myself included) but many got round. Results are as follows:

Pundit (RAT – CAM – DIS – RAT, 139.5km)
Winner: Peter Ryland (NGC), 2nd George Green (ESGC) 3rd Grenville Croll (Rattlesden)

Intermediate (RAT – NMT – DIS – RAT, 113.5km)
Winner: Paul Robinson (ESGC), 2nd James Francis (NGC), 3rd Roger Davis (Rattlesden)

Novice (RAT – DEP – GRF – RAT, 55.7km)
Winner: Adrian Tills (ESGC), Joint 2nd Beth Redpath (NGC) and Mark Nicholes (Rattlesden)

The morning was much brighter with  more sun on the ground and the overnight showers dying away, but a 20kt westerly wind was blowing. Once in the air the lift was good in places, but with broken “windy” thermals and large dead areas with misleading dark clouds that should have been working but weren’t. The first leg heading West was difficult with a couple of gliders in fields (not me this time) and some not managing to get away from site. It’s times like these I wish I could add water to the Cirrus! Results are:

Pundit (RAT – OAK – DIS – RAT, 163km)
Winner: Roger Davis (Rattlesden), 2nd Robbie Nunn (ESGC), 3rd Peter Ryland (NGC)

Intermediate (RAT – SMB – DIS – RAT, 127km)
Winner: Vernon Bettle (ESGC), 2nd James Francis (NGC), 3rd Alex O’Keefe (Rattlesden)

Novice (RAT – DEP – GRF – RAT, 55.7km)
Winner: Beth Redpath (NGC), 2nd Dave (ESGC), 3rd Andrea Cornish (Rattlesden)

Well done to Peter and Beth for the day wins, enjoy the wine! Unfortunately Essex managed to extend their lead to 7 points overall, so they’ll be representing East Anglia at the finals in Bidford. Oh well there’s always next year!
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