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Improvers’ Week; day 1

What a cracking day! The course got off to a great start with booming skies giving everyone a chance at a flight of around an hour, brushing up skills and making progress. Thermals in the 4 to 5 knot range and cloudbase up to 4400', who could ask for more?. As well as Will and [...]

Improvers’ Week; day 12017-07-11T09:10:53+00:00

Sunny and Busy

What a nice blue March day. The wind had a bit of a chill but that didn't stop the band of many merry pilots from turning out and enjoying it. All three club two seaters, an Astir, the Grob 109 and Mark Wright's ASW27 all made an appearance, although the wind and inversion meant that [...]

Sunny and Busy2014-03-17T18:57:00+00:00

Horizontal Rain

High winds and rain meant a late start, but a small bunch were coerced by the CFI to stick around and enjoy a winch launch. As luck would have it the heavens opened just as the glider was out of the hangar, but despite the horizontal rain we stuck it out and flew anyway. Source: [...]

Horizontal Rain2017-07-11T09:10:53+00:00

Tibenham; back on the competition map.

Now that it is all official I am delighted to announce that NGC has been selected to host the 2014 15m National Championship. This is great news for the club, an opportunity to showcase the newly upgraded clubhouse, and to welcome friends, both old and new.Please put 16th-24th August into your diaries; enter the competition, [...]

Tibenham; back on the competition map.2013-09-06T09:30:00+00:00

Wednesday: at least one XC, Thurs might still be OK.

CFI lead from the font again, and flew an O/R to SMB.Although it was hot and blue, the thermals seemed to be working to a reasonable height, as shown by MD's traceCurrent RASP for tomorrow shows there might be a window of opportunity between 12:00 and 13:00. If there is a chance of something, Bob [...]

Wednesday: at least one XC, Thurs might still be OK.2017-07-11T09:10:53+00:00

Task Week .Tuesday was good

Mike Watson completed the club 100K in possibly record time.Five long flights. Three flights just over 300K (MW, RG, DT).One 374k flight from the CFI (leading from the front).And Clive Wilby and Alan Hall circumnavigated the London TMAs (535K).Mike Hoy also did a first XC of 130K (TIB-WYM-DEP-WLW), giving him a silver 50K leg (to [...]

Task Week .Tuesday was good2017-07-11T09:10:53+00:00

Tuesday looking promising for task week…

Today looked overdeveloped from around 11 a.m., but the ab-initio course had no problem soaring.Clive Wilby also managed 374km in the Stemme at 76 kph.The rest of us were more cautious, setting tasks maxing at 142km to Hunstanton Lighthouse (HLH).For me it was my first time over water... not far over though.First experiment with the [...]

Tuesday looking promising for task week…2017-07-11T09:10:53+00:00

Inter-club Weekend at Rattlesden

Several competitors from NGC ventured down to Rattlesden for the third of the three inter-club league weekends this season. We started the weekend just 4 points behind Essex and Suffolk and hoped to clinch enough to overtake. The team for the weekend was Beth Redpath in the club's Astir N12 (Novice), James Francis in Std [...]

Inter-club Weekend at Rattlesden2013-08-12T18:23:00+00:00

Busy Tuesday

Well Tuesday on a non-official flying day at NGC. Could anything be happening?Of course the answer is: "loads".First off is Barclay, who has been continuing his selfless contributions to making a better clubhouse.He was in the newly re-furbished briefing room, touching up the paintwork. Work will soon start on the offices, and insulation will be put [...]

Busy Tuesday2017-07-11T09:10:53+00:00