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Experience Flight
2 x Winch (approx. 2 x 10 min flts)
1 x Aerotow (approx. 1 x 20 min flt)

Experience Flight

For the cost of only £90, you will be able to experience the sensation of soaring like a bird in one of our two seat training gliders. The cost includes:

  • Classroom Introduction covering Safety, Glider and Flight Expectations
  • Briefing at the glider to show you the controls and instruments
  • Pre-take off checks completed by the pilot
  • Flying either
    • two winch launches or approx. 10 mins each*
      • OR
    • one aerotow launch of approx. 20 mins*
  • The chance to take control yourself
  • 100 days membership of the club, during which additional flights can be had at member’s rates

* Launch type choice is subject to availability on the day. Please note that gliding is weather dependant and the length of flights may be shorter. You should also check flying requirements on our Who can Fly? page to avoid disappointment on the day.