August task week kicks off….

///August task week kicks off….

… with some decent weather in the end on the second day (more WX later).

Today has been a busy day at the club. Along with Ben M running a normal flying day… John R-K and Dave Munroe have been giving extra coaching to a bunch of young pilots with a view to getting a few of them solo by the end of the week. The coaching will run to Sunday 25th Aug.

Also running this week (up to and including 25th Aug), for anyone who has missed it, is the “task week”. The remaining Astir is available to club members for XC, if you request it (currently spoken for on Tues, Weds, Thurs).

On the normally non-flying days of Mon, Tues, Fri, there will be aerotows available to self authorising members, though you will need to be Bronze with an XC endorsement if you wish to go anywhere. Pilots from other clubs also welcome to join us.

Briefings at the back of club briefings, with exceptions notified here in this blog. In the briefings we will compare tasks we fancy (and why – including weather & NOTAMS), and maybe reach a consensus… or not. This week we will be trying out the OLC as a way of comparing flights. The OLC is about as easy to register for as the bga ladder, but does not require pre-decided TPs, the site just works out the longest distance you flew, using magic.

Well done Matt Vanston on gaining his bronze today.

   The weather was windy today, with an average of around 20Kts aloft, from the West, with a tendency to overdevelop until around 2 p.m. after which it got pretty organised (as shown here). Even the K13, which was instructing pre-solo pilots was not bothered by the wind, as there was pretty strong lift, from the clouds that were working.
View towards Tibenham from south of Bury
In the 20Kt  wind there was a bit of streeting. This street (almost a road) from Tibenham to Thetford ran out of steam around 7km short. Not all the bits that looked like they should be working were. It looked impressive though.
The ‘road’ to Thetford
The weather for tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday look good at the moment. Maybe see you there.

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