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Club Fees

Norfolk Gliding Club is a ‘Community Amateur Sports Club’ and aims to provide Gliding facilities at an affordable rate. On top of annual membership, fees are applied for Launches and ‘glider rental’ (by the minute airborne).

Membership Fees may be paid monthly by direct debit (charge applies) & run April to March (pro-rata’d for mid membership year joining)

Here is a summary of Membership Categories and Flying Charges.

Membership Categories


£384 / Year
(£32 / Month)


£144 / Year
(£12 / Month)

Up to 21 Years Old


£276 / Year
(£23 / Month)

Age 21-25 or Over 75 or Disabled

Flying Fees

Winch Launch

£8.50 2 Seater
£7.50 Single

Aerotow – 2000ft

£29.00 2 Seater
£27.00 Single

£1 per additional 100′

Rental Charge

£0.45 / per minute
2 Seater

£0.25 / per minute
Single Seater

Motor Glider

£75.00/per hour

Cadet Fees


As Per Junior
£144 / Year
(£12 / Month)

Launch Fees

1/2 Price Winch Launches
Full Price Aerotow

Rental Charge

30 Minutes Free each day
Then normal club rates apply

Norfolk Gliding Club – ‘Affordable Gliding Scheme’

Norfolk Gliding Club is a registered Community Amateur  Sports Club and provides access to those on low or modest incomes to the sport of gliding under an ‘affordable gliding scheme’.

The scheme offers preferential combined membership and participation rates to qualifying members providing members with the opportunity to take part in club gliding activities, including flying in club aircraft, on a weekly basis for no more than £520 per membership year, or pro rata thereof. Conditions Apply.

For more information please come and talk to a the club Chair/Vice Chair/Treasurer or Secretary.

All conversations / applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.